How to send large files to us?

We accept a number of ways for you to send your artwork to us. You can choose any of these methods:

  1. Email to us at
  2. Burn in CD/DVD and mail it to us
  3. Make a copy in USB drive and send it to us.
  4. Upload to Google Drive and get shareable link. Then email us the URL.
  5. Put in your Dropbox folder. After it has been synced, copy the link and email it to us.
  6. Use file sharing website such as:
    1. SendSpace
    2. WeTransfer
    3. DropSend
  7. If the file is in your smartphone, you can send it to us via:
    1. WhatsApp – Attach File (not image)
    2. Telegram – Attach File (not image)